Volunteering for Upward Basketball and Cheerleading Leagues is a perfect way to invest and love on our community! As you volunteer, you will have the opportunity to love and invest in kids, connect and build friendships with other volunteers, and share the hope of Jesus Christ with those who are part of the program.

What are some of the volunteer opportunities? To run successful leagues; we will need coaches, assistant coaches, referees, concessions workers, prayer partners, host families, among a variety of other key positions.

If I were to volunteer to coach, what experience will I need to coach? While having coaching background will be beneficial, Upward Sports has done a great job training coaches. They have created coaches playbook and manuals, a creative app that helps you administrate your team, and videos of plays and drills.

Who can volunteer? It will depend on the area of volunteering. Some positions will require you being a member of South Haven and approved by leadership. All volunteers will go through a screening process; which includes background checks, references checks, interviews, etc.

Can I help financially with the needs of the program? Absolutely! To run a program like this, it will take a lot of resources. As a member you can give online through your Elexio portal or mail a contribution to the church.

Contact Pastor Mike for more information about volunteering.