What is “LOVE LOUD”?

LOVE LOUD is a Christ-centered, one-day local missions experience for every person at South Haven. LOVE LOUD is also a key component of our Acts 1:8 mission strategy for reaching our Jerusalem. Participants will have opportunities to choose from a variety of teams in an assortment of ministries. The purpose of LOVE LOUD is to share God’s redemptive story and to invite people to find hope in Jesus Christ.

Join us this year on Saturday, September 24, 2022!

Please read the team descriptions, then click the link at the bottom of the page to sign up and pay for your t-shirt.

Homeless Outreach Team

South Haven recognizes the growing number of those who are homeless in our community. We want to bring dignity and compassion to people surrounding our church who have found themselves homeless. This team will show the love of Christ by grilling hot dogs, handing out hygiene kits, and listening to their stories.

Number of People Needed: 30

Apartment Outreach Team

South Haven has an apartment complex in our own backyard that has many physical and spiritual needs. This team will grill hot dogs and facilitate a few simple games like corn hole. We need you on this team to help us as we give a cold cup of water in Jesus’ name.

Number of People Needed: 10

QuikTrip Drink Coupon Team

QuikTrip has been so kind as to give us a handful of free drink coupons. This team will go into our community and the high-traffic areas of Belton to hand out free drink coupons. After a person receives the coupon, we will ask them just one (1) simple question: “Is there anything we can pray with you about?” We will see how the Holy Spirit guides the conversation from that point onward.

Number of People Needed: 20

Childcare Team

This team is incredibly valuable and important to LOVE LOUD! We need a group of people to stay at the church to care for the preschoolers whose parents have signed up to participate in LOVE LOUD. This is an essential ministry, and it allows so many to go out and share the love of Christ.

Number of People Needed: 15

ReHope Restoration House Team

This team will be taking women’s care packages that our South Haven members have collected to the BRKC ReHope Restoration House. They will then be assigned to a few work projects at the Restoration House.

Number of People Needed: 12

Belvidere Heights Construction Team

This South Haven team will be helping a sister church in our BRKC Association by repairing siding on their student ministry house. You will need tools (hammers, saws, ladders, etc.) to complete this task. If you can swing a hammer, measure, or carry boards, this team is for you!

Number of People Needed: 12

Bags of Blessing Team

This team will be filling pickups and trailers with bags of food to take into the Belton and Raymore neighborhoods. Bags will be handed out to all South Haven members on September 4 and then returned to the church and dropped off at any time leading up to LOVE LOUD. Each bag will contain a specific list of items to be purchased. Joining this team will make a huge difference in the lives of many people.

Number of People Needed: 40

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team has a vital role in LOVE LOUD. On this team, you can choose to stay at the church and pray or you can drive to the various sites where our teams are working and pray. Being part of the Prayer Team is a strategic part of LOVE LOUD as we reach our city for Christ.

Number of People Needed: 20

Fire/Police Department Grill Team

We have a unique opportunity again this year to reach out to some great firefighters and police officers who serve our city. The Fire Chief is excited about South Haven coming to his fire stations. We need teams to grill hamburgers and hot dogs, carry on good conversations, and share Jesus.

Number of People Needed: 20

Outdoor Projects Team

Outdoor projects could include the following: small construction projects, operating a chainsaw, weed eating, mowing yards, painting, pulling weeds, and removing debris. If you know of anyone (someone who is elderly, retired, disabled, widowed, or a single mom),we would love to send a team to their location. Also, if you know of any possible city yard violations, please submit their name and information to Pastor Victor ASAP so we can assign them a project team. This is a great way to show the love of Christ to our community.

Number of People Needed: 40