What is “LOVE LOUD”?

LOVE LOUD is an amazing one-day missions experience for every member at South Haven. LOVE LOUD is also a key component of our Acts 1:8 mission strategy for reaching our Jerusalem. Participants will have opportunities to choose from a variety of teams in an assortment of ministries. The purpose of LOVE LOUD is to share God’s redemptive story and to invite people to find hope in Jesus Christ. Love Loud will take place September 26, 2020! We will meet on the West (Gym) side of the building at 8AM.


With Covid-19 forcing our elderly to stay inside and cut-off from church, they can experience loneliness. This team is doing the following:

1. Taking signs on poster boards to homebound members, as well as senior adult care centers around the Belton and Raymore area.

2. Writing encouraging notes to members who are homebound. 


Our Acts of Kindness Team will be blessing our first responders at the Belton Police and Fire/EMT Stations by delivering written cards and care baskets. We will also bless people with quarters at local laundromats.


The Bags of Blessing Team will be filling up pickups and trailers with bags of food to take into Belton and Raymore neighborhoods to those who are less fortunate. The bags, with a specific list of items to be purchased, will be available on September 13 and may be brought to the church and dropped off at any time leading up to LOVE LOUD. This team has the potential to share Jesus with many people and make a huge difference in their lives.


It has been identified as praying onsite with insight. We will have a variety of ways you can pray for LOVE LOUD. As part of the Prayer Team, you can choose to pray from home, stay at the church and pray in our prayer room, or you can prayer walk locations where our teams are working. There will be instructions prior to LOVE LOUD so that everyone will understand what they are to do. Being a part of the Prayer Team is a very strategic part of LOVE LOUD as we reach our city for Christ.