What is “LOVE LOUD”?

LOVE LOUD is an amazing one-day missions experience is for every member at South Haven. LOVE LOUD is also a key component of our Acts1:8 mission strategy for reaching our Jerusalem. Participants will have opportunities to choose from a variety of teams in an assortment of ministries. The purpose of LOVE LOUD is to share God’s redemptive story and to invite people to find hope in Jesus Christ. Love Loud will take place September 28, 2019!

Block Party Team

We’ve been talking to a local apartment manager near South Haven, and he would love for us to come and provide a block party for all their tenants. Therefore, we need a large team to tell a Bible story, face paint, and share Jesus. NOTE: We need a couple of men to grill hot dogs for this ministry. (A Wednesday night canvassing will be organized for anyone who would like to distribute flyers one (1) week prior to LOVE LOUD.

Acts of Kindness Team

Our acts of kindness team will be going into various businesses and handing out FREE cookies that our Cookie Baking Team has prepared. We will also be providing quarters to people washing clothes at our local laundromats.

The Bags of Blessing Team

This team will be filling up pickups and trailers to take into Belton and Raymore neighborhoods to those who are less fortunate with bags of food. The bags, with a specific list of items to be purchased, will be available on September 22 and may be brought to the church at any time during the week leading up to LOVE LOUD. This team has the potential to share Jesus with many people and make a huge difference in the lives of many people.

Serving our Community Leaders Team

We have a unique opportunity again this year to reach out to some great firefighters and police officers on September 28! The fire chief is excited about South Haven coming to his fire stations. A few teams will be needed to grill some hamburgers and hot dogs, carry on good conversations, play “corn hole,” and share Jesus.

Other community project teams will include: Business Grill Team, Medical Clinic Team,  Pancake Breakfast Team, Child Care Team, Fix It Team, Cookie Baking Team, Prayer Team, Survey Team, and Yard Work Teams.